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Revival In The Land

America It's Decision Time

A Soul Winning Experience

A Picture Of Jesus

Will Jesus Really Come Again

The Diety Of Jesus Christ

Broken Things

Nothing But The Blood

A Great Mother

Mistaken About Salvation

Is There A Message From The Lord

For Us

The Preaching Of The Cross Of Jesus

A Free People

The Prince Of Peace

Jesus Is Lord

The Saving Of Saul


What Manner Of Man

Touching Jesus

Walking With God

The Betrayal Of God

A Report From God

A Different Man

A Christian Response To Tragedy

The Stoning Of A Man Of God

A Place Called Hell

The Second Advent

The Departing Of The Glory Of God

Behold Believe and Be Saved

Will God Bless America

What Jesus Said About Himself



The Silent Ones

Without The Blood

The word of God

The Rapture

A Depressed Solider

There Is A God In Heaven

The Church Of Old

Turning The World Upside Down

Do You Believe

A Man Who Made It To Hell

Why do People Turn Away

For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

The Unchangeable God In A Changeing World

Hope In Time Of War

Able Speaks To Us On Memorial Day

What Is "True" Salvation

The Institution Of Marriage

A Godly Father

Pure Religion

The Good Shepherd

What Good Is A Storm


The Atonement Of Jesus Christ

The Show Down At Mount Carmel

Depart From Me

What Our Church Needs

What Did Jesus Say About Baptism

America Has A Choice

Revived Now What

A Woman Of God

Weekly Video A Message From God

Onward Christian Soldiers

What Would Jesus Say About Homosexulaity

A Great Dad

God's Message To America

Can God Really Save Your Soul

Can God Really Keep Me Saved

Four Things God Cannot Will Not Do

Believer's Baptism

Three Kinds of Men

Real Men

Why Go To Church #1

Why Go To Church #2

Putting Things In Order

The Devil Goes To Church

Marks Of A Godly Man

A Man God Called A Fool

A Woman Who Impressed God

The Easter Stone

Do WE Need Preaching

Get On Board

The Musts Of Jesus Christ

The Need Of America Today

The Father Of All Terrorists

Jesus The Star Of Christmas

The Love Of God

Jesus The Messiah King

What Did Jesus Say About Salvation

The Healing Of A Soldier

America Has Forgotten

When I think About Hell

At The Cross

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