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America's Greatest Need------Great Dads


(LK. 8:41-56)

Thats the question that is seemingly unknown today in this country, and the age that we live in. And guess who is suffering the most due to the fact that we don't know what it takes to be even a good dad must less a great dad. The children thats who. And my friends because they are and have been suffering, so is and so shall America. Because you see they are the future of not only the church, America also. We would do well to remember (Gal. 6:7-8)

It reminds me of what I heard a police detective say on TV. This man was probably not even a Christian, but I believe that he pretty well summed up the problem of our youth today. He said we are faced with what we call super predators now. Young people who kill for fun with no remorse at all. "They are Godless, fatherless, jobless, and hopeless."

What does the world regard as a great dad? 1. Men who have been able to hold down a good job. 2. Men who have been able to support their families. 3. Men who can provide an education for their children. 4. Men who take their children places and do things with them, spend time witn them.

But what is God's view of a great dad? 1. Men who have been saved, born again and are living it. 2. Men who have been faithful to their wives, even in a day and age that tells us it is ok to commit adultery, and is even the thing to do. 3. Men who have been examples to their children. Even when it is inconvient or seems not to be the macho thing to do.

And God knows how badly we need some real dads today. Some dads who will live the Christian life before their family. Dads who will take charge of the families and be the high priest of the families instead of pushing it off on the wife. Dads who are good tithers and teach their children to tithe and give to the work of God.

Lets look at a man who I believe to have been a great dad. His name was Jairus. Don't know much about him, but his name is a Greek form of a Hebrew personal name, Jair meaning, "Jah will enlighten." Synagogue official who came to Jesus seeking healing for his twelve-year-old daughter.


    1. He came to Jesus and surrendered .

       A. Doesn't really sound like much. But do you know what it takes

            to come to Jesus?

            1. The world has seemingly always told us men that is a sissy 

                 thing to do. To surrender to Jesus and to live for him, is

                just not manly.

             2. Well let me tell you something it takes much more of a man to

                  live the Christian life than it does to just go along with the

                  crowd and be like everyone else.

              3. Easy to just float down stream, but try going up stream, against

                  the stream.

    2. He came to Jesus and confessed

        A. What brought Jarius to Jesus in the first place

             1. An upset in his home, a problem he could not solve. He

                 needed a of the touch of God on his child!

         B. Is there a problem in your family that you just cannot seem to


    3. He came to Jesus and worshiped

        A. Humbled himself to worship

        B. He submitted himself to worship

        C. He worshiped in prayer



    1. It was a sacrificial love. He came to talk to Jesus about his child. He

         gave up things to come to Jesus for his child.

        A. Men we must talk to God about our children! Taking them to God

             is more important than anything else that we can do.

            1. More important than having a good job and making plenty of


            2. More important than making sure they have plenty food and

                warm clothing.

            3. More important than taking them places and doing things with


            4. More important than being sure they get a good education.

            5. Although all these things are important, must take them to God

                 first. If we put God first then all these other things will come. 

      B. The most privileged children in the world

           1. Those whose parents, especially Dads, pray for them

          2. Those whose names are often before the throne of grace.

     C. The most underprivileged children

          1. Those who grow up in godless homes

          2. Those whose parents do not pray for them.

     D. We can pray for our children and expect answers.(MT. 17:14-18)

    2. It was a Responsible Love

       A. He accepted his role as the high priest of the family

       B. He accepted his role as the leader of the family.

    3. It was a patient love.

       A. He kept on trying to reach God for his child


    1. It a endurance test

       A. Would he continue to seek god? Would he continue to believe in


           1. When the news came it was bad! His daughter was dead.

           2. Oh my God can you image what this poor man felt?

    2. It was a circumstantial test

        A. The circumstances did not look good at all.

            1. They told him his little girl was dead.

           2. All those around him, his family, his friends, thought there was

               no hope. They very much discouraged him.

    3. It was a prepared test.

       A. The healing of the woman along the way.

           1. He witnessed first hand the power and love of God.

           2. Jesus had prepared him for this moment.

       B. Men be assured that your faith will also be tested also.

            1. Dads for your familys sake, walk with Jesus.

            2. Walking with Jesus will surely build your faith and you can be

                sure that we will encounter faith builders while walking with




An old minister, had gone to seek for his son who had dishonored his home and left father and mother. There was no address to guide him. Only after many days was the name of the street discovered; and when the old minister, with his white hair, stood at the end of it, he knew it was beyond him to go from door to door of its length. But a street musician came by just then and he stopped him. Did he know an old tune, one that had been a favorite in the home when the children were young? Would he walk with him along the street as he played? And he told him why.

"So they went slowly, the street musician and the old minister with his hat in his hand so that his face could be seen, taking this last slender chance to find the son who had no use for him; seeking him who had no understanding of the love in his father's heart.

The old minister looked down the street and saw a young man apporaching. When the young man came near he said,with tears in his eyes, "Father, Father, do you know me?"" I was coming down the street to ask your for a dime, but when I heard the music, I remembered." The old minister threw his arms around him and said," you want a dime? Everything I have is yours."

On hear the words of God, Dad, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (PROV. 22:6)

Dad Your Family needs for you to know God and lead them in the things of God.