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Have you been scripurtally baptized?


Acts 19:1-5

    There are several baptisms mentioned in the Bible. The baptism of John the Baptist Baptism with fire, spiritual baptism, and Water baptism .

    Spiritual baptism  is the one baptism that unites all believers. When a sinner believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God baptizes him into Christ, into His body, making him a new creature: (Gal.3:27)(2 Cort.5:17) (1Cort12:13)

Many churches practice baptism, but not all of them practice scriptural or believer's baptism. You may have been baptized in some shape or form, but I want you to consider tonight, have you been scriputrally  baptized?

Please consider this.


    A mandate is an authoritative command This commission was never rescinded. Even after the gospel of the grace of God was revealed to Paul, the command to teach unsaved people about Jesus, baptize them, and instruct them how to be obedient disciples of the Lord, was still practiced.

    1. It was pronounced by Jesus Christ        

        A. This was a pre-crucifixion proclamation. (Mt.3:15)

        B. This is a post-crucifixion proclamation. (Mat. 28:18-20)

    2. It was performed by His Apostles 

       A. They preached the word to the lost.

       B. They baptized converts.

       C. They taught their converts to win the lost and to baptize

    3. It was practiced by the early church

        A. Throughout the history of the church

    4. It should be a priority in churches today

       A. Is is here at Our Lord And Savior Church.

       B. A mandate! Not just a nice thing to do; it is a

            command to be obeyed! 

       C. New converts need to be baptized in order to be

           obedient Christians.


    1. Baptism identifies Christ 

       A. His death for our sins according to the scriptures.

       B. His burial. 

           1. This is portrayed when the convert is immersed,

               covered in the water them. So baptism is done by

               complete immersion in water. 

     C. His resurrection. 

         1. This is pictured when the convert is brought up out of

             the water.

    2. Baptism identifies the convert

       A. As one who has placed his faith in Jesus Christ

       B. As one who has died to self. 

       C. As one who has spiritually died to self, buried, and has

           risen from the dead.

      D. As one who testifies to others. 


    1. Who should be baptized?

        A. Only a believer.That is why we sometimes call water

             baptism,"believer's baptism."

        B. Only those who trust in Jesus Christ for salvation

        C. Only those who want to profess Jesus by baptism.

        D. Only those who want to be in obedience.

    2. When to be baptized

         A. A. S. A. P. after salvaiton.

             1. Notice the Eunuch in Acts 8

             2. Notice Cornelius and his family in Acts10

             3. Notice Philipian jailer in Acts 16

    3. How to be baptized

        A. Submersion, competely under the water.

        B. With joy

        C. With witnesses

    4. Every believer must be baptized, not in order

        t become a Christian, but in order to be an obedient



Water baptism does not save,  However, it does result in:

    1. A good conscience

       A. You know you did what you should.

    2. A grand fellowship 

        A. God will be pleased with your obedience. Your

            fellowship with Him will then be sweet. 

       B. Likewise, it brings you into fellowship with believers of

           the last 2,000 years, who have been baptized

    3. A glowing testimony

        A. Every baptism is a sermon. It preaches Jesus.

            1. It preaches salvation through Christ's work. 

        B. It is also an encouragement to new believers to publicly

            identify themselves with Christ.

    4. A glorious reward

       A. There will be a reward at the Judgment Seat of Christ 

       B. God will bless you greater in this life, as you obey Him.



You have probably seen such signs many times. When a company takes over another company, there is often a sign placed outside the premises announcing, “Under New Management.

No sign so accurately summarizes what takes place in Christian conversion. When Christ takes over a life, that life is literally “under new management.” How hard it is to learn this lesson, and to acknowledge the new authority in our lives!

Now hard it is for those who have obeyed the flesh, to obey the Lord Jesus Christ! But that is required in being a Christian.


Believer's Baptism "Obedience"