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Jesus Loves Us


Rom. 8:31-39

The title for tonight's message consists simply of the two words found in verses 31and 32, "for us." When Brother Dennis told me that I could come and preach here at Lake Martin Baptist on this special day, I began to pray and ask the Lord Jesus what would He want me to preach. All the memories began to flood my mind, of the days when we began this church. I remember starting in our home, with just a few people. I remember coming to this section of land and claiming it for Jesus. I remember over 100 people giving their lives to Christ in the first three years. And I could go on and on, oh what some wonderful memories. So from that comes the title of the message today, "For Us." I want us to think on the things God has done for us.

I am convinced that we don't meditate on the right things most of the days of our lives. When we were are attacked by Satan, by unclean spirits, by people, or simply by everyday difficulties -- bad health, financial losses, sad memories, and disappointments, we still need to remember what He has done for us.

The Bible tells us in Phil. 4:8 that we are to think on the right things. Today I want to help you with that. I want you to think about what God has done, is doing, and shall do "FOR US."

YOU ARE SPECIAL TO THE LORD! Consider what the Lord has done, is doing, and will do for you!


    1. For loving
       A. They express the love of God for us.
       B. They are given for us to love the Lord and His word.

    2. For learning
       A. Not all of the Bible is TO us or ABOUT us, but it is all FOR us to

           learn. (Rom.15:4)

       B. It's profitable for US: (2 Tim.3:16)

    3. For living (Lk.4:4)


    1. Jesus bore our sins for us

    2. Jesus became cursed for us

    3. Jesus bought our redemption for us

    4. Jesus broke the bonds of death, hell, and the grave for us


When the devil accuses us to God the father, when we fail to do as we should, we have a heavenly intercessor! -- The Son of God !

    1. Consider His past experience
       A. Jesus has never lost a case!
       B. He knows the law! 
       C. He knows the Judge!

    2. Consider His passion for our cause 
        A. Jesus loved you enough to die for you! He's on your side!

    3. Consider the promise.(Jh.5:24)

    4. Consider the price
       A. No charge!
       B. It is a gift!


    1. We have a glorious hope (Col.1:27)

    2. We have a grand house in heaven

         A. "a place for you" "many mansions"

         B. We should have glad hearts



After hearing the gospel explained, people often say, "You mean there's nothing I can do to deserve it? That's too easy." It seems natural for people to object to the idea that God's unmerited favor can be given so freely to unworthy sinners. Many find it difficult to trust a God who offers salvation as a free gift.

Bible teacher G. Campbell Morgan told of a coal miner who came to him and said, "I would give anything to believe that God would forgive my sins, but I cannot believe that He will forgive them if I just ask Him. It is too cheap." Morgan said, "My dear friend, have you been working today?" "Yes, I was down in the mine." "How did you get out of the pit? Did you pay?" "Of course not. I just got into to cage and was pulled to the top." "Were you not afraid to entrust yourself to that cage? Was it not too cheap?" Morgan asked. "Oh no," said the miner, "it was cheap for me, but it cost the company a lot of money to sink the shaft." Suddenly the truth struck him. What had not cost him anything -- salvation -- had not come cheap to God. This miner had never thought of the great price God paid to send His Son so He could rescue fallen humanity. Now he realized that all anyone had to do was to "get into the cage" by faith.

He Died For Us
He Arose From The Grave For Us
He Ascended Back Into Heaven For Us