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Is Church Attendance Really Important


Mt 16:13-20

Last week we took our text from the Old Testament (Deut. 31:12-13) We preached that even though those scriptures were given by God to the nation Israel, the principals therein do apply to Christians today.

This Sunday we will take our text from the New Testament. Once again we will see that the eternal word of God and the principals therein apply, to all Christians of all ages, all nations, and for all of time.


    WORD   PREACHED (Mrk.16:15-16)

    1. God has appointed pastors to    

         A. To oversee the chruch (I Peter 5:2)                    

         B. God-called pastors should and do go to great

              lengths   to prepare messages from God's Word,

              to edify the  Lord's people.

               1. Much time must be spent in earnest study,

                   prayer, and meditation in the preparation of


    2. What if every church member fed their bodies like

         they feed their souls? I am afraid many would starve

        to death!

    3. The attitude of every church member ought to be

         like those in (Acts 10:33)

    4. It is sad, but true, that in many churches across our

        land there is little reverence for the Holy Bible.

        A. Professing ministers handle it carelessly and

            spend much time joking and entertaining their

            hearers from the pulpit.

        B. A true servant of God preaches the whole counsel

            of God,

    5. There will be little or no growth in the Christian life

         if a person fails to receive a steady diet of Scriptural


    6. If you have little or no desire for hearing God's

        Word faithfully proclaimed it may be that you are a

         hypocrite with an outward form of godliness, void

         of any inward power. (John 8:47)

    7. Not only is Christian growth a result of hearing the

        Word, but your faith also.   (Romans 10:17)

    8. I have no doubt that the moral degeneracy and

        breakdown in our land is directly linked to the

        failure of people to attend church regularly to hear

        God's Word


     AND INSTRUCTION (Heb. 10:25)

    1.  Peter called the church the pillar and ground of the

         truth.   (I Tim. 3:15)

         A. It supports and upholds the faith once delivered

              to the saints.

         B. It is the Divinely appointed place of instruction

              and edification for the saints.

    2. Haphazard attendance means no growth

         A. This is the reason many are led astray.

    3. Our attitude should be like the Psalmist (Psa.27:4)



      TO OTHERS(II Chronicles 27:2)

    1. Each time that we prepare our hearts for public

         worship and faithfully attend the house of the Lord

         we are providing a proper example to our children,

         other believers, and the lost world at large.

    2. Each time we engage in public worship we are

        declaring to everyone our allegiance and loyalty to

        the cause of Christ.

    3. Every time we willfully neglect the house of the

         Lord our actions show that we have little respect for

        God and His ways.

    4.What kind of example are we setting for our lost

        relatives and neighbors?

    5. Even lost people scoff at a man's religion that

        doesn't have enough power to take him to church!

    6. What do visitors think when they come into our

         churches and they are nearly empty? Do they see a

         church that is not seriously committed to God?

    7. What kind of example are we setting for our

         children when ball games, boating, fishing, and

         other pleasures take a precedence over the Lord's


    8. Our Failure to attend church regularly will have a

         corrupting influence on others



      CHRIST (Ephesians 3:21)

    1. Jesus is in attendance every time the church


        A. He walks in the midst of His churches. He has

             deposited His glory in His church

            1. If Christ's glory and presence is found in His

                churches then should we not make every effort

                 to be faithful to assemble in His name and

                 enjoy His blessed fellowship?

    2. Notice very carefully the word "Glory" in this verse.

         A. The word means, " to honor, to worship, to


    3. And where? And for how long?






A Nashville newspaper carried a tongue-in-cheek story about Mrs. Lila Craig who hasn't missed attending church in 1,040 Sundays although she is in her eighties. The editor commented, "It makes one wonder, what's the matter with Mrs. Craig? Doesn't it ever rain or snow in her town on Sunday? Doesn't she ever have unexpected company? How is it that she never goes anywhere on Saturday night so that she's too tired to attend the worship service the next morning? Doesn't she ever 'beg off' to attend picnics or family reunions, or have headaches, colds, nervous spells, or tired feelings? Doesn't she ever oversleep or need time to read her Sunday newspaper? Hasn't she ever become angry at the minister or had her feelings hurt by someone and felt justified in staying home to hear a good sermon on the radio or TV? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH MRS. CRAIG ANYWAY?


Jesus Thinks Church Attendance is Important