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Only The Blood Of Jesus





    Please allow me to begin this sermon by making this statement up front. No blood, no life. No physcial blood, no physcial life. No divine blood, no spiritual life.

    The blood is sacred to God. Because of the life sustaining and life giving quality of blood, it is important as to its origin. The blood from animals does not contain the quality to sustain human life. One study says that the basic qualities in the blood of humans is not even found in animals Human blood is different than monkey's etc. 
     God had to provide a higher quality of blood to provide eternal life to fallen man. In the garden of Eden, God slew animals as a covering for man's sin. From that day till Calvary the blood of animals was shed to offer sacrifice for the sins of man. However all  that sacrifice would accomplish was to roll back mans sins for one year. God provided the sacrifice needed in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ to "wash away the sins of fallen man".

   He, Jesus,  was born of woman, but not of man. It is from the father that the child receives the blood. Howell's textbook of Physiology "quote" The blood of the child comes from father and gives live to the unborn infant. The blood of the mother only nourishes--the two sources of blood never come together and are never mixed    It is also from the father that the diseases of the blood are inherited. Having said that, do you understand how improtant the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is? We must always preach the virgin birth of Christ. Always preach about and talk about Mary being a virgin!!!!! Having had no sexual relations with man until after the birth of Jesus, the God Man, the Savior of man kind.

   The blood that flowed through the veins of the body of the virgin born Jesus Christ was not ordinary human blood. It was Divine blood through the miracle of the virgin birth that flowed through His veins. It was that Divine blood that did not nor could not know sin that was shed for you and for me.


    1. The blood of Jesus proclaims love (Jh. 3:16) 

        A. Jesus loved the world so much He was willing to give Himself as a

             sacrifice. To shed His perfect sinless blood for sinful man.

    2. The blood of Jesus proclaims life

        A. Without the shedding of blood is no remission, (Heb. 9:22)

         B. For the life of the flesh is in the blood, (Lev. 17:11)  

         C. Eternal life is in the blood of Jesus (John 10:28) 

    3. The Blood of Jesus proclaims liberty

       A. Frees from sin (John 8:36)

       B. The blood does not reform but rather transforms

       C. Transformation without regeneration is not salvation. And only through

           the application of the blood of Jesus Christ is regeneration of mankind

           made possible.


    1. The blood protects physically 

        A. The natural work of the blood is to restore

        B. The application of the blood of Christ restores man to God.

    2. The blood protects mentally

        A. Prov. 23.7 declares that as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

            1. The way Satan leads men is to get them to think about sin. 

            2. You cannot think about sin and about the blood at the same time.

     3. The blood protects spiritually

         A. The only difference between a saved man bound for heaven and a lost

              man bound for hell, is the applied  blood of Christ.

        B. Satan can tempt but cannot control a blood bought Christian.


    1. The blood provides sonship

        A. Both physical and spiritual sonship--life is in the blood.

        B. One can never change the fact of fatherhood

       C. When there is a question about the father of a child, they check the blood

            fo the child and the supected father. If the blood matches.

    2. The blood provides fellowship

        A. Relation have the greatest fellowship

        B. You can know about God but never know God without the blood.

    3. The blood provides citizenship

        A. There are natural citizens and there are naturalized citizens.

             1. Natural citizens are those born under the flag of a particular country.

             2. The natural citizen then has his place because of his birth

        B. A born again child of God is not a citizen of this world but is rather a

            citizen of heaven being born again a child of God (Phlip. 3:20-21)

            1. That citizenship then provides the Christian with a permanent home

         C. Jesus said I go to prepare a place for you. (John 14:2)

    4. Are you saved? Are you a citzen of heaven? Do you have a home in heaven?

        Do you have eternal life?

        A. Only the blood of Jesus will allow you to answer "yes" to the

             above questions.


Dr. Jacob Chamberlain, an early missionary to India, recalls that while preaching to a group who had come to bathe in the "sacred stream" of the Ganges, a man joined them who had crawled many agonizing miles on his knees and elbows to reach that spot. The poor exhausted soul made his prayer to Gunga, and then slipped into the water but emerged with the same conviction of sin as before. The fear of death still tugged at his heart. Then he heard Chamberlain tell the wonderful story of grace and how Christ died on the cross to rescue needy sinners. With new hope the man staggered to his feet, clasped his hands together, and cried, "Oh, that's what I need! Forgiveness and peace!" The missionary soon led him to Jesus.






Without the blood of Jesus, there is no life, no salvation, and no home in heaven.