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He's Coming


2 Pet. 3:1-9

In 1942, General Douglas MacArther was forced to leave the Philippines before the Japanese conquered the islands. As he left, he gave the Filipino people this promise; "I will return!" Though many doubted whether or not MacArther would be able to keep his promise, in the fall of 1944 he did return. He returned in power and defeated the Japanese army, retaking the Philippines just as he said he would. Many had doubted the great General, but he was true to his word.

2,000 years ago, a man named Jesus Christ walked upon this earth. He was different from any man who ever lived before, or has lived since. He was different because He was God in the flesh. He came to this world to live a perfect life and to die a perfect death to make a sinful people perfect and to give them eternal life. After He died and rose again, He returned to His Father. Before He left, however, He made this great promise; "I will come again!" (John 14:3) Many doubted the truth of His promise then and many doubt it today. Perhaps there are some under the sound of my voice that do not believe that He will really come again. If there is a doubt in your mind as to His return, then this is the message for you.

Peter had to deal with a doubting crowd. In these verses, he handles their objections and provides genuine hope for all those that believe Jesus will really come again.

Today, I want to ask, and answer this question;  Do You Believe Jesus Will Come Again?"


1 Notice Their Character 

  A. They are called Scoffers "To mock, to ridicule, to make fun of."

  B. These people delight in making fun of the Word of God. Every   pronouncement of  God is just fuel for another joke.

2. Notice Their Conduct 

  A.These people made light of Gods coming judgment, because to acknowledge the truth of it would mean that they would have to change their lifestyles. It has always played out this exact way

  A. It was in that way in  Noahs day (Matt. 24:38-39); It was in that way in Sodom (Gen. 19:14). And so it is with the People of our day

  B. Men love their sin too much to turn their lives over to the Lord.

3. Notice Their Complaint 

   A. They look back over the few years of their memories and

conclude that He hasnt returned, therefore there is no reason to believe He will


1. Peter reminds us that the critics are "willingly ignorant."

   A. They refuse to process some very important data. They have a very limited vision and fail to remember that God, not them, is in control of the universe.

2. The critic also forgets that God is bound by His Word, and that He will always do exactly what He says (Psa. 119:89);( Matt. 5:18).

3. Peter gives three instances, two of when God has, stepped into time again and one of how He will step into time again

  A. He did so in the Formation Of The World

  B. He did so in the Flood In Noahs Day  (Gen. 6:6-7; 7:17)

  C. And He will in the Fire That Is To Come  A day is coming when, by His Word, God will destroy the world.

4. The return of Christ is a certain event. We have Gods Word on it:

   A. We have the words of Jesus (John 14:1-3);( Rev. 22:20)

   B. We have the words of Angels (Acts 1:10-11)

   C. We have the words of Paul (1 Thes. 4:16-18)

   D. We have the words of John (Rev. 1:7)


1. There is a  Reality To Consider 

   A.God doesnt view time as man does. God is totally unaffected by time. By His accounting, Jesus has not even been gone 2 days yet.

2. There is a  Reminder To Consider 

   A. God is not dragging His feet. God answers to no one!  God is a God of order.  If you dont believe me, just look at the universe

3. There is a Reason To Consider 

   A. Why does God delay His return? He tarries to give Lost men an opportunity to make things right with Him. God doesnt want anyone to go to Hell (Matt. 25:41). This very reason is why:

  A. He sent Jesus to die (John 3:16)

  B. He calls men to Himself (John 6:44)

  C. He tarries His coming and delays His judgment (1 Tim. 2:4)

  D. The final decision, however, lays on your shoulders.

  E. Gods delay is to give you the opportunity to repent. Will you do it? He will not wait forever (2 Cor. 6:2)!


It is a fact! Christ is coming! He is returning for a people who are ready to meet Him. He delays His return today because He loves you and doesnt want you to die lost. He tarries to give you an opportunity to repent and to turn to Him. This is an offer based totally in His love. Are you ready you receive it?

The world can scoff and they can mock, but when He comes, the bottom line is this: Will you be taken in the rapture, or will you be found lost, judged and sentenced to Hell? God has already made His decision. He loves you and has made a way for you to be saved. Now, you make your decision. What will it be, Heaven or Hell? What will you do with Jesus?

   Our absent Lord has given special commendation to those who not only WAIT for His return, but also earnestly WATCH for Him. The difference between these terms is illustrated by the story of a fishing vessel returning home after many days at sea.  As they neared the shore, the sailors gazed eagerly toward the dock where a group of their loved ones had gathered.  The skipper looked through his binoculars and identified some of them: "I see Bill's Mary, and there is Tom's Margaret and David's Anne."  One man became concerned because his wife was not there.  Later, he left the boat with a heavy heart and hurried up the hill to his cottage.  As he opened the door, she ran to meet him saying, "I have been waiting for you!"  He replied with a gentle rebuke, "Yes, but the other men's wives were watching for them!"


For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.