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Jesus says come to me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Touching Jesus
Mark 5:21-34

What a wonderful scene this is - a picture of the sinner's condition, and the Savior’s cure! We find a woman that had been sick for 12 long years. We find the woman touching Jesus, and she was healed. I noticed that there were others also touching Jesus, but she was the only one healed. Why?

Many still come to Jesus today, some with no other purpose than to be identified with Him (they want to be a part of the crowd). Some come to Jesus for the wrong purpose: to ease their conscious, for material wealth, for physical health, or for some miracle.

What about you, have you come to Jesus? Have you ever touched the hem of His garment in your coming? If you ever have, or if you ever do, you will never be the same again!

I want you to notice three things about this woman who touched Jesus.

I. Her Condition - 5:21-26

    1. She Was Diseased - (5:25)
        A. Spent 12 years of her life in complete misery due to her


            1. It was draining the life right out of her.

        B. Sin is a disease and it kills. (Rom.5:12)

    2. She Was Desperate - (5:26)

        A. She had been to many doctors and had tried many different

       B. Many sinners go to the wrong physicians:

            1. Dr. Pleasure (Mt.16:26)

            2. Dr. Treasure - (Mk. 8:36)

            3. Dr. Law - (Rom. 3:20)

           4. Dr. Religion -

    3. She Was Destitute - (5:26)

         A. All hope was gone, all her resources were gone.

         B. That's what sin does:
            1. It will cost you physically! Your health - drugs, alcohol, sex

            2. It will cost you materially! Your home - division, divorce

            3. It will cost you spiritually & eternally!

II. Her Cure - 5:27-29
    1. She Trusted Jesus 

        A. She heard of Jesus -

            1. Have you heard of Jesus? Notice (Rom. 10:17)

        B. She came to Jesus -

            1. Want you come to Jesus? He awaits you with open arms

                (Mt. 11:28)

     2. She Touched Jesus
         A. First, she had faith For she said within herself, If I may but

              touch his garment, I shall be whole. She had real, genuine,

              active faith! She went from Trusting Jesus, to touching Jesus!

III. Her Confession - 5:30-34
    1. Her Confession is Reported
        A. She made a public profession - (Rom. 10:11)

            1. Public professions point others to God -

    2. Her Confession is Rewarded - (5:34)

       A. Her sickness was remedied - the plague was gone!

        B. Her soul was redeemed - given peace with God!

           1. She walked out of her plague into His peace!

    3. Her salvation was realized (1Jn. 5:13)

        A She had assurance!


The snow lay white over tall the earth, hiding every scar and sign of death. “It is a symbol of purity,” said a man, and he prayed, “O Lord, as thou hast covered the earth with whiteness, cover my soul with purity.” But the sun shone on the morrow, and the snow melted away. The brown bareness of the dead earth, with all its waste and defilement, showed through again. So he who had prayed to be covered with purity, amended his prayer, and his petition became, “Create in me a clean heart, O God.” Purity is not a covering, it is a new life within.

Do you trust Jesus? Then come to Him