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Who Is This Son Of Man?


John 12:12-19

For thousands of years, the Jewish people had been looking for a Messiah. They were expecting a great military leader, one who would overthrow all of their enemies and restore Israel to its former greatness and glory. What they had not expected was that their King would appear as a carpenter. They never expected that He would possess no weapons, no army and political power. They certainly never knew that He would be crucified on the cruel cross of their oppressors.

However, throughout the earthly life of Jesus, they were given evidence on top of evidence that Jesus was who He said He was. He proved His identity time and again by His miracles, by His pedigree, by the place of His birth, by signs and wonders too numerous to mention. Yet, they refused to believe that He was in fact the Messiah. Time and again He revealed Himself unto them, and time and again they rejected Him. So much so that John puts it this way, "He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.", John 1:11. That is, Jesus came unto His own "intimates", as in family and friends, yet they refused to have Him!

In this 12th chapter of John's Gospel, Jesus is once more about to reveal His identity to the nation of Israel. They will be given one final opportunity to receive their King. This chapter, which records the details of the last few days of Christ's public ministry paints a portrait of Jesus: The King. In these verses, we will see who He is, what He came to do and how He carried it out. As we consider these truths about the Lord Jesus, I challenge you to look into your own heart and see where you stand in regard to the King. Have you received Him, or are you living in rejection of this One who loves you so? Allow the Word of God to speak to your personal need today as we consider together Jesus: The King.


    1. The Method Of His Presentation -

        A. Jesus clearly proved His identity by fulfilling Zechariah's prophecy

        B. When the Romans saw Jesus riding a donkey, they probably thought it

              was all a joke. After all, what king rides a donkey?

        C. After all, wouldn't Messiah be riding a powerful war horse? Even

             Christ's own Disciples did not understand the import of what they

              were witnessing, (v. 16).

        D. But notice (Zech. 9:9)Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.

    2. The Moment Of His Presentation -

         A. Jesus made His ride into Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday. Just

              a few days before His death an exactly one week before His


      B. His entrance into Jerusalem on this particular day was no coincidence.

           Rather, His entrance into Jerusalem coincided exactly with Daniel's

           prophecy as found in (Dan. 9:24-27).

       C. Jesus presented Himself as the King of the Jews on the exact day when

            the prophet said He would.

    3. The Multitudes At His Presentation -

    A. They cried "Hosanna" which means "Save now." In light of His miracles,

         most notable, that of raising Lazarus, and because of His public appeal,

         the people thought that Jesus would be the One who would overthrow

         the Roman government. These people were looking for a ruler.

    B. In just 5 days, some of these same people would join their voices with

         those crying "crucify Him." (John 19:6).

    C. Literally, Jesus demonstrated Himself to be the King of the Jews. He

         came unto His own, just as the prophets had said, and His won received

         Him not, just as the prophets had predicted, (Zech. 13:6.)


    1. To Die For Sin -

        A. His ministry here was not about the preaching, or the miracles

        B. His entire life was centered around the day He would climb Calvary

             and be nailed to a cross. His entire purpose in living was to die on the


        C. Notice, (Rev. 13:8). But why did He have to die?

 1. Had He not died, there would have been no remission of sins,

     (Heb. 9:22).

 2. Jesus came to this world for the singular purpose of dying for your

     sin, because He loves you - (Rom. 5:8!)

2. To Draw Men Unto Himself (V. 32), -

    A. Jesus tells us by His death on the cross many would be drawn to


         1. There is something very compelling about the cross, when it

              finally dawns on the lost sinner that Jesus hung there for them.

  B. Dear friends, consider what Jesus endured on your behalf!

       1. The cross still has the power to move! Has it moved you? Does

            it move you still?

  3. To Duplicate His life In All Those Who Came By Faith .

        (V. 24)

       A. Jesus saw His impending death as a time of glory, (v. 23).

            1. Why? He did not intend to stay dead! By His resurrection,

                 Jesus would open the way for all men to be saved.

            2. Because Jesus died and is risen from the dead, He has the

                 power to duplicate His life in every single person who places

                 their faith in Him.

            3. Notice (Gal. 2:20).

    B. Not only does Jesus save us from our sins, but He also gives us a

         brand new life! He allows us to live a life that would otherwise

         have been impossible. This is the essence of being "born again."


    1. They Rejected His Message -

        A. They had trouble grasping the truth that their Messiah, while He would

              be a great leader and conquer their enemies, had to first taste of death

              for every men.

             1. Therefore, just as men do today, they rejected the message of the

                  cross and went on in their sins.

        B. Many today still reject the message of the cross

    2. They Rejected His Ministry -

A. Notice the question of the people, "Who is this Son of Man?"

    1. They had taken all of His preaching, His teaching and His wonders

         and had thrown them all away. They were literally rejecting every

          second of His ministry to humanity.

  B. Many still do this today. They hear the Gospel and in effect say, "I

       will not have this man to rule over me!" When they do this, they are

       rejecting the only hope they have for salvation.

    C. Please hear (Acts 4:12).

3. They Rejected His Miracles -

   A. Jesus clearly proved Himself to be the Messiah, yet the people

         refused to hear or see the truth.

     B. This is still happening today! People scoff at the message of the

          cross and of salvation through the blood of Jesus, (1 Cor. 1:18).


    1. The Promise Of Revelation -

        A. Jesus promises those who receive Him that they can see God.

        B. May I remind you that Jesus is God in the flesh, (John 1:1; 14).

        C. He came to reveal the Father to us, if you have seen Him, you have

            seen the Father, John 14:9.

       D. If any person wants to meet God, they will do so only through the

            person of the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

    2. The Promise Of Release -

        A. To be freed from the darkness of sin.

1. I want you to know this morning that Jesus and Jesus alone has the

    power to break the chains of sin! He can save any sinner, save by His

     grace, give that sinner a new life and set him free forever!

B. Jesus specializes in taking ruined, broken lives and renewing them

   3. The Promise Of Rescue -

        A. He will deliver all who come to Him from wrath and

        B. When you receive Jesus by faith, you are delivered from the

             penalty on your sins. You are taken from death into life and

             have all the condemnation removed from you.








There is an ancient Scottish legend that tells the story of a shepherd boy tending a few straggling sheep on the side of a mountain. One day as he cared for his sheep he saw at his feet a beautiful flower -- one that was more beautiful than any he had ever seen in his life. He knelt down upon his knees and scooped the flower in his hands and held it close to his eyes, drinking in its beauty. As he held the flower close to his face, suddenly he heard a noise and looked up before him. There he saw a great stone mountain opening up right before his eyes. And as the sun began to shine on the inside of the mountain, he saw the sprinkling of the beautiful gems and precious metals that it contained.

With the flower in his hands, he walked inside. Laying the flower down, he began to gather all the gold and silver and precious gems in his arms. Finally with all that his arms could carry, he turned and began to walk out of that great cavern, and suddenly a voice said to him, "Don't forget the best."

Thinking that perhaps he had overlooked some choice piece of treasure, he turned around again and picked up additional pieces of priceless treasure. And with his arms literally overflowing with wealth, he turned to walk back out of the great mountainous vault. And again the voice said, "Don't forget the best."

But by this time his arms were filled and he walked on outside, and all of a sudden, the precious metals and stones turned to dust. And he looked around in time to see the great stone mountain closing its doors again. A third time he heard the voice, and this time the voice said, "You forgot the best. For the beautiful flower is the key to the vault of the mountain."

Do You Know Him?