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What The World Needs Now



LK. 24:13-27

What is the greatest need today of individuals in this church and in others? Matter of fact what is the need of all Christians today? To walk consistently with Jesus! Many times we start out real well, but something seems to always throw us off track. Here we see two disciples saved, and walking with Jesus. But before they know it they are at their destination. They have missed the joy of knowing Jesus during their journey. How tragic, but is not the case with many of us? We go through life’s journey without really knowing who Jesus is. With out having that close relationship that He wants to share with us. And many of us who call ourselves Christians, will come to life’s end without having experienced the joys of that close relationship with, and walking with Jesus.

Notice they did not recognize


    1. Two disciples walking from Jerusalem to Emmanus,

        about a two hour walk.

    2. Jesus meets them and walks with them.

        A. Jesus will walk with us through lives journeys.

   3. Why could they not recognize Him?

       A. Their eyes were “holden.” (to restrain or take

            hold of)

       B. They were not looking for Him

          1. Not hard to understand. Think about folks today

              lost and not knowing they need to be saved. And

              then many saved and not looking for Jesus.

    4. Can you recognize the presence in you life?


   1. Notice the word “was” in (verse 19) “past tense”

      A. They thought Jesus was still in the grave.

      B. The only ones who believed He would raise from

           the dead was the religious crowd.

      C. They didn’t recognize Jesus because of their


    2. They though He was a stranger.

       A. Is Jesus a stranger to you?

       B. Is He just a God that you read about in the Bible?

    3. In the Bible belt, but still didn’t know Jesus.

        A. There are many here in America. that don’t know


    4. Do you know Jesus? As your savior? As your Lord?

       A. If so are you watching? (Mrk. 13:28-37)


    1. Maybe many of us don’t realize why He came. Why

        did He come?

       A. They were looking for a king to free them

       B. Many today are looking for a king to set them free

            from sickness and poverty.

       C. He came to be king of our lives.

    2. He did not come to

       A. Heal the broken hearted, perform miracles, heal

            the sick, raise the dead, etc. All though He did

            and still does.

    3. He came to

        A. Redeem fallen man.

        B. To give us life. (Jh. 10:10)


    1. He had promised to rise on the third day.

        A. They didn’t believe that He had.

        B. Even when all along they did have proof

           1. The women who had come from the tomb told


           2. The Apostles had told them

    2. Do we really believe that He has risen

        A. We have proof. The Holy Spirit, The Bible, and

             the empty tomb.

    3. Notice the extend that Jesus will go to that we might

        believe. (Jh.20:24-28)

    4. Not only did He promise to raise from the dead, but

        to save the lost.

       A. (Jh. 6:37)

       B. (Jh.11:35)


In verses 29-32 we see an amazing transformation. The bread represents the word of God. Notice after the breaking of the bread their eyes were opened and they knew Jesus.

I have came to this pulpit today with a message from God. I have prepared my self the best I know how to break the bread of life to you. If you leave here lost and wind up in hell before you get home. There will be no blood on my hands.

Notice verse 32. Is your heart burning now that you have heard the word of God?

There was a preacher visiting a soap factory. As the owner is showing him around the conversation turns to crime and how bad it has gotten. Then the owner says, “ the gospel that you preach hasn’t done much good. There is still sin and sinners and they are both getting worst.” “Maybe you preachers just need to quit preaching. The preacher sees a child playing in the mud. He yells at the child and he stands up, and there is mud all over him, I mean he is really dirty. Then the preacher says, “the soap that you make is not done a very good job either. There are still dirty people in the world.

Point-------- Soap is only useful when applied. And so it is with the Gospel.

Walk With Jesus And Know Him