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God is Looking For Some Real Men


DAN. 3:13-18

The book of Daniel is a great book. It is a book of prophecy, it is a book of eschatology. It is a book in which we learn of the faithfulness, trails and triumphs of four men of God. And I want to center in on three of these four men. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, not to leave the fourth, Daniel, out . But to look at how these three were tried by fire. They were ordered to bow or burn. (I believe that’s kind of the way it is today)

But these three brave young men would refuse to forsake their Lord, and bow to a false God. Unlike many folks today who quickly bow to many false Gods. Because of their faithfulness to God, they would be comforted and transformed. But the best part of it all is that they met Jesus. But I want you to see, understand, and never forget where and how they met Him.

Let this be a lesson for you and I in these last days that we are living in. If we will only take a stand for Christ and for what’s right, and for what will bring Him honor and Glory, even though we may have to go through the fire for our stand. He will be there to meet you and I in the fire and He will lead us through it.


    1. They were not willing to follow the world's lead.

    2. Bible says that they regarded not the king, nor his gods,

         nor the golden image.

    3. Notice the King (who represents Satan) became angry

         when  they refused to bow.

           A. And be sure that Satan, the world, and the people of

                the world will get angry when we refuse to follow

                their lead and bow to the god of this world.

    4. These three men “dared” to be different. Can We,

         Will We???????

    5. Our Lord Jesus Christ was different!

        A. He dared to live a righteous life in a sinful world

        B. He dared to be a shining light in a darkened and sinful


       C. He dared to live a different life style. And He stuck out

            like a sore thumb.

    6. If we are to be the children of God and follow Jesus then

         we to must be different. "born again."

    7. Changed Corinthians (1Corth. 6:19-20)

    8. Paul a good example (Phil.3:7-14)


    1. Notice how they answered the king. "we are not careful to

         answer thee in this manner.

        A. Now listen folks they had really thought this thing


            1. The had considered the consequences to their answer

            2. Have you considered the consequences to being a

                real Christian? Its not easy.

    2. Do you remember the thrill of being saved. I mean what it

         felt like when you first got saved.

       A. Taking new stands, the zeal of soul winning. Risking

             jobs, positions, and even friends.

             1. By the way allow me to speak to you a moment about

                 old friends. "Friends of the world, friends of the old

                 life.' (II Cort. 6:17)

    3. I want you to know that the walk of faith is a daring walk.

         But a rewarding walk.


    1. He is able!

         A. To deliver us

         B. To heal us

         C. To make all things right.

         D. But are you willing?

    2. But what if He does not deliver us? What if He does not

         heal, make all things right?

        A. Will you still be true? Can we?

    3. Are you angry with God? Feel like He let you down? He

         didn't come through for you?

         A. He didn't heal marriage, finances, etc.

    4. Hear the words of Job. (Job. 13:15)

    5. Hear the words of Jesus (Lk. 22:42)

    6. Look again at these verses


    1. What a deliverance it was!

        A. Jesus walked in the fire with them.

    2. Notice the fire only burned the ropes, nothing else.

         A. The Bible says that you couldn't even smell smoke on


    3. Why no burn no smell?

    4. They were already on fire for God. Are you?

5. Wanted men on fire.


Every Christian ought to be ready to stand up courageously and unashamedly for the Lord. How inconsistent that a person redeemed by the blood of Christ experiencing saving power should cower before an unbelieving world!

On one occasion Frederick the Great invited some notable people to his royal table. Including his top-ranking generals. One of them by the name of Hans von Zieten declined the invitation because he wanted to partake of communion at his church.

Some time later at another banquet Frederick and his guests mocked the general for his religious scruples and made jokes about the Lord's supper. In great peril of his life, the officer stood to his feet and said respectfully to the monarch, "My lord, there is a greater King than you, a King to whom I have sworn allegiance even unto death. I am a Christian man, and I cannot sit quietly as the Lord's name is dishonored and His character belittled."

The guests trembled in silence, knowing that von Zieten might be killed. But to their surprise, Frederick grasped the hand of this courageous man, asked his forgiveness, and requested that he remain. He promised that he would never again allow such a travesty to be made of sacred things. (Romans 1:16)

Real men wanted for the Lord's army