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Will You Stand For And With Jesus

JOHN 13:18-27

    Judas is not a very popular name now. But such has not always been the case. When Judas’ parents gave him that name it was a very popular Jewish name, and carried much great history. The parents of Judas had high hopes for their child just as all good parents do. They hoped that he would live up to his name which means "praise to the Lord". They hoped that he would live a life that would bring praise to the Lord. Such was not to be case however. Now his name lives in infamy. You look up the word traitor in a thesaurus, and you will find among the words which are synomous....the name Judas !
Oh how he fell ! How could it have happened ? How could one with so much promise, and potential fall to such depths ?
    When the Lord announced that one of them would betray him, the disciples begin to ask.......Lord, it is I ? This morning we must be careful that the same thing that happened to Judas doesn’t happen to us. How could one of the chosen twelve end up betraying the Lord for 30 pieces of silver ?

I. What Judas Witnessed !

    1. He witnessed the Master.

       A. Oh what a privilege he had ! Oh what possibilities !

       B. He had the opportunity to walk in the footprints of


          1.Everyday Judas observed the Master at work.

    2. He witnessed the Multitudes.

       A. Judas was witness to the throngs of people who came

       B. Judas had the opportunity to be more than just one in a


           1. He was in that inner circles of followers, the 12

    3. He witnessed the Miracles.

       A. Judas witnessed the Lord healing those that were sick.

           1. He saw the Lord cause the blinded eyes to see, the

               lame to walk. the dead returned to life, and those filled

               with demons set free !

            2. He saw the miraculous provision of the Lord when

               he fed the thousands.

    4. He witnessed the Messages.

       A. Judas heard the greatest sermons ever delivered.

           1. The warnings

           2. The comfort (Mat.11:28)

           3. The condemnation

II. What Judas Wasted
1. The opportunity to be converted. (Mt 18:3)(JH 3:3)

2. The opportunity to be clean.(Jh.13:10-11)

3. The opportunity to be changed. (II Cort. 5:17)

III. What Judas Wanted.

    1. Judas wanted power.

       A. Probably his biggest problem he was power hungry.

           1. Perhaps he hoped that Jesus would start a revolution,

               and overthrow Roman rule. He hoped to be a part of

               that, and occupy some place of importance.

    2. Judas wanted possessions.

       A. Judas was the treasurer, and was a thief.

           1. It was he that showed indignation that Mary would

               pour out the precious ointment upon the Lord Jesus.

          2. He acted as though he would have preferred that the

             ointment been sold, and money given to the poor, but

             he actually had no concern for the poor, but was

             only after what he could get for himself !

    3. Judas wanted a price.

       A. He would betray the Lord for the right price.

           1. The price turned out to be 30 pieces of silver !

IV. Where Judas Went !
    1. He went into darkness. (Jh.13:30)(Mt.22:13-14)

       A. He went out from the lighted room into darkness !

       B. He went from Son light to Devil darkness

    2. He went to his death. (Matt 27:5)

    3. He went to his determined place. (Acts 1:25)

       A. By rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ, he went to his

           chosen destination. He went to his own place. He went

           to hell !



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