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Thinking About Hell

Isaiah 5:13-19

Although I am committed to preaching messages that challenge you to "Look Towards Heaven In 2010," from time to time I MUST also preach on the subject of HELL. Hell is a subject that has been disregarded and even discarded in many pulpits today. In many churches today, the subject of Hell is unfavorable, unpleasant and uncomfortable, that is, to the un-spiritual and the unsaved.

However, the Command of the Scripture Mandates me to preach on Hell. The Compelling of the Spirit Obligates me to preach on Hell. The Condition of the lost Sinner Necessitates me to preach on Hell. The Complacency of the Saints Stimulates me to preach on Hell.

I believe with all of my heart today, that if God's people would Realize how real hell is, we would be better soul winners! If we would Recognize the Authenticity of Hell, we would be better soul winners!

The subject of Hell MUST NOT BE AVOIDED! And, I will not avoid it this day in this chruch

I. The Saviour - Rom. 6:23

Yes, I think of Jesus! Why wouldn't I think of the Saviour? He is the only possible Rescuer from hell! He's the only Redeemer from hell, from the penalty of sin! I think about:

1. The Words of the Saviour Mk. 9:43-48

The words of our Lord here are very pointed and plain, although, His illustration is extreme, it is extreme in order to drive home the sobering reality of a place called hell! What He essentially is saying is that it is better to be maimed, crippled, half blind and go to heaven, than to be whole and go to hell!

    A. Sin must be confronted - vv. 43, 45, 47

       1. Your hand, represents what you do. (Is your working amiss?)

       2. Your foot, represents where you go. (Is your walking amiss?)

       3. Your eye, represents what you see. (Is your watching amiss?) 

    B. Sin must be cutoff - "cut it off" "pluck it out"

       1. The lost sinner must confess and accept Jesus as his savior.

             Rom. 3:23; Acts 16:31

    2. The Warning of the Saviour Mat. 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Many people do not get saved because of fear, misplaced fear!

      A. Fear of man's persecution - (harassment from foes )

       B. Fear of man's desertion - (abandonment by family )

       C. Fear of man's alienation - (estrangement by friends)

           1. I would rather fear God and get saved than go to a place of eternal


          2. I would rather suffer persecution, desertion and alienation than to

              suffer eternal damnation in hell!

    3. The Work of the Saviour 1Co. 15:3, 4

        A. Because of the Saviour's work on the Cross of Calvary no one has to

            go to hell! Jesus is the ONLY way

            1. Jesus has authority over hell and death - and therefore

             2. Hell and death have NO power over those who receive Jesus as

                 their Saviour!

II. The Saints (Eph. 2:19) Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God; Yes, I also think about the saints, those who have been delivered from the penalty of sin - death and hell, the lake of fire, which is the second death!

    1. The Hope of the Saints - Tit. 2:11-13 Our Hope:

       A. Commenced at our past justification - v. 11

       B. Continues in our present sanctification - v. 12

       C. Concludes with our future glorification - v. 13

    2. The Hereafter of the Saints - (2Cort. 5:8)

       A. What is the state of the believer, the saint, the child of God death?

            1. A glorious, joyful, delightful state - that's what it is!

            2. We will be leaving behind sin, satan, corrupt society, sadness,

                 sickness, sorrow, separation, struggles,

    3. The Home of the Saints - Jn. 14:1-3

        A. The heavenly residence of the saved that awaits us?

        B. Praise God, I'm Going Home to Heaven, the Home Sweet Home of

             the Redeemed!

III. The Sinner - Jn. 3:18

Yes, I think about everyone who's going there, to hell, as well as everyone who's already there! I think about:

    1. The Suffering of the Sinner - Lk. 16:24 Oh the eternal burning!

       A. Everlasting fire!

       B. Everlasting punishment!

      C. Everlasting destruction!

    2. The Separation of the Sinner - Lk. 16:26

       A. Banishment from the love of the Father!

       B. Banishment from the love of family!

       C. Banishment from the love of friends!

    3. The Salvation of the Sinner - Lk. 16:27-31

       A. His praying was too little too late!

       B. His caring was too little too late!

       C. However, the Good News is that NO sinner alive today has to go to

            Hell. Jn. 5:24

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