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What group do you fit in


1CORTH. 2:14-3:4

I have had a burden for many years for God’s men. In most of the churches that I have been pastor at, I have seen how the men just lay back and allow the women to be the spiritual leaders. And my brethren that ought not so to be!

Now allow me to say that I am in no way degrading the women in this church. I have always stated and so I will again that if it were not for the women, we probably would not have a church. Down threw the years time and again I have witnessed the wives taking the children to church and not the Dads. Time and again I have seen the ladies faithfully serve while men have not!

So that being the case I want to begin a little series of men sermons, lasting probably about a month. I have asked my heavenly Father for some sermons that will touch “all” the men that are man enough to come to these serves! And I am sure that my Heavenly Father is going to do just that.

Now in (ICort.2:14;3:2) Paul tells us of three type of men. And my brethren everyone of us men here will fit into one of these groups. And matter of fact ladies you too can find your self in one of these groups. So it will be impossible for anyone to leave here today saying that sermon was not for me. ”You will hear from God today!”

But first let’s take a look at what Paul was saying to this church in Cornith, and apply it to Lemonwood Baptist and the men here.



    1. Paul's message and method to the natural man. (vv. 1-13)

       A. His message (2:1-2)

           1. Christ and him crucified. Nothing less nothing more.

       B. His method (2:3-4)

          1. Paul preached by the power of God. And he made sure

              that all knew that.

         2. He did not credit the power of his preaching to his

             education, ability, or gifts.

    2. Paul’s burden heart for the natural man

       A. Paul‘s heart‘s desire for natural man to be saved.

       B. I have the same burning deep down in my soul!

          1. I can say as Jer. said in (Jer. 20:9) 

     3. Paul’s Questions about the natural man

       A. Just who is the natrual man? Notice (2:14), and

           understand what and who he is.

          1. He is a lost man. Never been regenerated, born again,

              or in other words saved.

         2. He cannot even understand the spiritual things of God.

         3. In reality they, the spiritual, things are foolishness to


        4. The Bible is a dark confusing book to the natural man.

     B. What is the final destiny of the natural man?

         "Destruction" (PROV. 14:12)

     C. What is the need of the natural man? "Salvation"

        1. Matter of fact that is the need of all people. (ROM. 3.23)

        2. And all people can be converted from natural to saved.

           (JH. 6:35-40)

II. THE CARNAL MAN (3:1-4) (fleshly Christians) (“sarkinos” fleshly, of the flesh)

    1. The carnal man’s confusion

       A. He lives for the moment.

          1. "Get all the gusto out of life."

          2. "Live for today, for tomorrow may never come."

          3. The carnal man needs to hear the words of Jesus in

              (MT. 6:19-20)

      B. He tries living as a child of the devil and to go to heaven

          as child of God.

          1. He thinks that he can have the best of both.

          2. Is not that the way that it is with the majority of

             Christianity today?

             a. Wanting to hold on to the things of the world as they

                  walk with Christ.

             b. Well folks that just won't work! It has to be one or

                 the other.(1KG. 18:21)

    2. The Carnal man’s contradictions

        A. He knows what is right but doesn't do it.

        B. He knows the world is lost but clings to it.

        C. He is like Lot lingering in Sodom (Gen. 19:16)

    3. The carnal man’s need. “Commitment”


    1. The spiritual man’s past

        A. He was once a natural man! Or maybe a carnal,

           “fleshly” Christian

    2. The spiritual man’s change

       A. What was it that changed him from a natural a carnal

            man into a spiritual man?

       B. Salvation through faith in Christ “transformed” him.

           (Rom. 12:1-2)

          1. Once doomed; now delivered, Once lost; now found,

              Once bound for hell; now bound for heaven.

    3. The spiritual man’s teacher

        A. The Holy Spirit (vv. 11-13)

    4. The spiritual man’s understanding,

       A. He discerns (understands) all things

       B. He can see God at work in the world and in his life

       C. But he is often misunderstood by others. Even those who

           are close to him.

          1. The warning of Jesus (JH. 15:18-20) and Paul's

              warning (2TIM. 3:12)

          2. Peter's explanation. (1PT. 4:12-14)

    5. The spiritual man’s future

        A. Lays up treasures in heaven.

           1. How does he do that? By prayer, bible study, church

               attendance, and witnessing


A skyrocket is lovely to watch but its beauty doesn't last long. There are people who have Christian experiences as brilliant as skyrockets or like giant Roman candles. They fairly dazzle our eyes for awhile. But then they sputter and go out and their lives are sick or disappointing and disillusioning. All of us know that it's the people who through the years maintain the spiritual glow who make us believe in the genuineness of Christianity. Their devotion is deep and constant because it is real.


Men of God stand up and be counted