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Is The World Rightside Up Or Upside Down?


ACTS 17:1-9

    From the conquest of Phlil. to the challenge of Thessalonica,. Here again we see Paul's strategy. Thessalonica, at that time located on one of the most important highways, that connected the eastern part of the empire with the western. Paul knew if he could plant a strong Gospel preaching mission there the Gospel would travel east and west. Notice Paul was there less than a month, yet founded a strong mission. The mission became well known for their stand and for their faith.

    Notice what happened when Paul first arrived. This become the  the norm. for Paul, "Riot or revival." And please notice the statement made in verse 6. Literally speaking it was the truth. Satan has turned the world upside down and the preaching of the Gospel will turn it right side up. You see that is the Devil's business, in a young life and for sure in the church.

    Archimedes the mathematician said "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum strong enough and I can move the world. God has given us the Bible as the fulcrum and the Holy Spirit as the lever.

   How can we turn the world back rightside up? Let's follow Paul's example as the follows Jesus' example.



    1. In Your Worship

       A. Notice Paul's manner or custom.

            1. Paul was following the example of Jesus (Lk.4:16)

      B. Although Bible does not teach salvation by exemplification, but by


          1. It does teach that we are to exemplify Jesus in our everyday life.

              (IPt. 2:21-25)

    C. Jesus was faithful to church attendance! Even thought He attended a

        dead church!

        1. Maybe many Christians need to remember (Heb. 10:25)

    2. In Your Walk

       A. He was walking for Jesus, every where he went folks got saved

       B. Ever been in hurricane, seen the after affects.

           1. The same when Jesus went through a city. Left it much different.

               Notice (JH. 11:43-44)

     C. People today are crying out for something real. "If you talk the talk,

          then walk the talk

         1. World is not bashful they will quickly point it out when you don't walk

              the talk


    1. Paul had the savoir in his heart and the scriptures in his mouth.

    2. Bible, the word of God, powerful enough to shake the entire world

    3. We must explain the scriptures correctly Three words to notice

        A. Reason  Explanation, to make sense of

             1. Paul told them what the scriptures said not what he thought

             2. Reason why so many scriptures in my sermons.

             3. If you want real wisdom and guidance in life then read study Bible

       B. Opened    Interpretation to spread out, to uncover, to unfold.   

            1. Please go with me to  Luke chapter 24. Look at verses 13-32

            2. Our prayer should be "oh, Lord open the scriptures to me."

            3. Then we will want to and will witness and we will share the word.

      C. Alleging       To lay along side of A practical application.

           1. Paul interpreted the scriptures to them and then told them how to

               apply them to their lives, their hopes, and their future.

           2. If we will just lay the scriptures along side of our lives and apply


          3. See the point Paul was making and I am trying to make?

          4. In the 15 century Bible chained to pulpit Why?

     A. Then came Martin Luther, read (I PT. 1:20-21)

          1. Putting Bible in peoples hands is like turning on a light.

          2. And many of us who have the blessed book won't even read it.

    4. Charles Darwin. visited a remote island predicted 1,00s of years before


        A. Goes back a few years later civilized why? Missionaries

              1. Abut as accurate as his theory of evolution

   5. Want you life and family to be turned right side up?


    1. What was Paul preaching? Death, burial, and the resurrection of Jesus

    2. "Must needs have suffered."

          A. The Jews had missed it, they were looking for a ruling king.

    3. Paul was teaching that there must be a cross. Suffering.

       A. Jesus suffered infinite burden of sin and guilt

            1. He hung outside the gates of Jer. Between heaven and earth ,

                mocked, beaten

            2. All that He, the son of God did, he did for us.

    4. Paul also taught that the cross and the grave are not the end.

         A. Oh, my brothers and sisters hear (ICort.15:19)

    5. They placed Him in a tomb, and rolled a stone in front of it, but on the

        third day! "He arose from the dead"

    6. Praise God what a Gospel I have to offer you tonight!! A miracle

        working God.


A little girl in home schooling, asked what is the first and last books in the New

Testament? She answered, Matthew and revolution. She didn’t miss it by

much did she. The New Testament begins with the Gospel showing the love of

God. And ends with a revolution indeed. A complete change an over thrown

 religion and an over thrown government


Christians Living For Jesus Can And Will Turn The World Up Side Down, Or Right Side Up