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 SimeonThe Forgotten Man of Christmas

Luke 2:21-35

Everything about our Savior’s virgin birth and incarnation is unusual and significant . Most of our attention centers on Mary and Joseph, Herod and the wise men, or the shepherds and the angels. The whole Christmas story is incomplete, however, without Simeon. So just what do we know about this man? He lived in Jerusalem. He was an aged saint, He was a man of fervent faith and hopeful patience. He was a devout man. Simeon was:

I. He Was A Spirit-led man

     1. His relationship to the Holy Spirit. (v. 25)

        A. The Holy Ghost was UPON HIM, "

        B. The Holy Spirit indwells believers today.

        C. The Holy Spirit lives within us and His desire is to lead us and into all truth.

    2. His revelation from the Holy Spirit . (v. 26)

       A. The Bible is now our source of revelation.

           1. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through the Word of God.

           2. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for  

                reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:" (2 Tim 3:16)

               a. Doctrine: He teaches us what is right.

                b. Reproof: He teaches us what is wrong.

               c. Correction: He teaches us how to get right.

               d. Instruction: He teaches us how to stay right.

    3. His response to the Holy Spirit (v. 27)

       A. "he came by the Spirit, " He allowed the Spirit of God to lead Him and direct Him.

       B. We too are to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in life.(Gal 5:16-26)

II. He was a Salvation-enlightened man. (vs. 28-32)

     1. His privilege

         A. He saw Christ

         B . He touched Christ.

    2. His prophecy

       A. He saw Jesus as the savior of the world verse 26

       B. He saw the fall and rise again of many in Israel

          1. Jesus a stumbling block to many, but many who stumble will rise up to trust


        C. He saw Jesus as one who was spoken against.

           1. Fulfilled by Jesus life.

           2. Fulfilled at Jesus’ crucifixion

          3. Fulfilled by many today

    3. His prayer (v. 29)

        A. Involves satisfaction (v29) salvation (v 30) sovereignty (v31) both Jews and

            Gentiles. (v32)

    4. His perception (v 30)

       A. He saw, realized, God’s preparation - v 31

       B. He saw, realized, God’s purpose - v. 32

          1. Grace to the Gentiles

          2. Glory for Israel

III. He was a Scripture-Learned man. (vs. 34, 35)

    1. His knowledge of the Messiah, (v. 34)

       A. He knew the prophets had foretold the Messiah.

       B. He knew also that Mary’s child would have an impact on all of Israel.

      C. He knew many would stumble because of Him.

       D. He knew many would rise again because of Him. 

       E. He knew and believed what Isaiah prophesied ( Is. 8:14)

IV. He had a message from God for Mary (v.35)

    1. A message of great suffering and great anguish for Mary.

        A. As if a sword would pierce her soul. (perhaps a shadow of what would happen

            on Calvary)

       B. But, this must be...for many hearts to be revealed.

    2. A message of blessing, but also one of preparation for Mary for what was to come.


Simeon is often overlooked when we consider the story of Christ’s birth. But he stands as a great example for us all. Spirit-Led Salvation-Enlightened Scripture-Learned

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