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What We Need Now Is Hope


Psalm 27:1-6

As I read the words of this psalm, I see the imagery of battle being portrayed in these verses. Words like “enemies, “foes, “host, and “war, all speak of warfare. Phrase like “though an host encamp against me”, and “though war should rise against me”, speak of a battle being waged against David. It appears that he is in a difficult situation. Yet, it is also very clear from reading these verses that even in the midst of the battles he is fighting, David still has hope. We too find our selves in difficult situations. But as David we too can have hope. Hope that passes all understanding.

Hope is a powerful thing. G. K. Chesterton said, “There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something better tomorrow.” Here is how the dictionary describes hope. “to have a wish to get or do something or for something to happen or be true, especially something that seems possible or likely.” Hope, from the world’s viewpoint is just what that definition describes. The world sees hope as a wish or a desire. Hope, for the world, is a longing for something that may or may not take place.

The Bible teaches us a vastly different definition of hope. Listen to the words of Jeremiah, “Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is,” (Jer. 17:7). The world says that hope is merely a fond wish or desire. But, the words used for hope in the Bible tell a different story. They teach us that hope is “A deep settled confidence that God will keep His promises!” The ability to look forward with expectation.

Now, I know you have battles; but do you have hope? Are you resting in the sure confidence that God will do just as He has promised He would? That is the essence of hope and hope is a possession we all need to be sure we own in large quantities. I want to look into these verses for a while today and I want to preach about Hope In The Midst Of Your Battles. Notice with me where our hope comes from and what hope will accomplish in our lives.


David begins his psalm of hope by declaring his personal faith in the Lord. Notice the three-fold use of the word “my” in verse 1. David has a personal relationship with God. This is the basic foundation for hope.

    1 Confidence In The Person Of Jehovah – David tells us that God

       is his “light”, his “salvation” and his “strength.” There is a

       tremendous blessing in these three titles attributed to our God.

       A. As Light, God delivers His people from darkness guides our


      B. As Salvation God delivers His people from Damnation –

         (John 5:24). And secures our Souls – (John 10:28)

      C. As Strength God delivers His people from Defeat and

           guarantees our Success –

      D. These three great characteristics of God serve to give us hope

           even in the midst of battle! Because of Who our God is, we

           need not fear any enemy that should arise

    2. Confidence In The Performance Of The Jehovah

        A. David declares that his present hope in the Lord rests upon

            that which God has done for him in the past.

       B. God did not fail him then, and He will not fail His child today.

       C. That same confidence is ours today! The God we serve is


           1. (Mal.3:6; Heb. 13:8). He is the same God with the same



    1. Commited To Living By Faith  (Rom. 1:17)

    1. Committed To Lingering Near Jehovah

         A. David wants to spend his entire life in the house of the Lord.

              He wants to be in that place where the Lord dwells and where

              the Lord’s presence is real.

              1. This is a theme David repeated in (Psalm 84:1-4).

              2. This ought to be our desire as well.

        B. We need that same passion to be where the Lord is honored

             and where He is worshiped. Of course, we have the church

             and we are commanded to be in attendance, (Heb. 10:25).

             But, I think there ought to be a desire to find that Place of

             closeness and intimacy with the Lord. Where we can linger in

             His presence all the days of our lives.

        C. If there is a genuine desire to be near Him, it will manifest

             itself in clear action. There will be a commitment to prayer and

             to the study of the Word of God. There will be a commitment

             to public and private worship.

    2. Committed To Loving Jehovah

       A. David wants to “behold the beauty of the Lord.” That is, he

            wants to “seek His face.” You see, not only is David committed

             to being where the Lord is; but he is also committed to

             worshiping the Lord. That is a worthy goal for life!

        B. This should be the goal of every believer as well, to worship


            1. If we are going to worship the Lord, we are going to have to

                do it His way. Jesus told us how to worship in (John 4:24).

    3. Committed To Leaning On Jehovah –

        A. David also expresses his desire to call upon the Lord; to

             commune with God; and to make requests of God. This is

             another image of worship.

        B. David here declares his utter dependence upon the Lord for

             the necessities of life.

       C. David looks beyond his own abilities and sees the limitless

            provisions of the Lord.

       D. My, what a limitless resource we have been given in prayer!

           1. We are invited to pray, (Jer. 33:3)

           2. We are promised that God will hear and answer our prayers

                (Luke 11:9;13)

      E. Our commitment to Him provides hope in the day of our battles.

           As we Linger near Him; Love on Him and Lean on Him, we can

          have the absolute confidence that He will see to our needs and

         to the things that would cause us to worry.)


    1. God Has A Sheltered Place For Us

        A. David tells us that the Lord will hide him in His pavilion. A

             king’s pavilion was a tent that erected in the middle of the

             army’s encampment. The tent was then surrounded by an

            army of brave soldiers.

            1. As the battles of life rage about us, we are safely tucked

                away in our King’s pavilion.

      B. The Bible tells us that “your life is hid with Christ in God”,

          (Col. 3:3)!

         1. Could there be a safer place in all the universe? Of course


    C. The assurance of His sheltering place allows us to weather the

        storms of life with hope. This was what allowed David to face

        Goliath. This was the confidence that kept Shadrach, Meshach

        and Abednego. This was the assurance that gripped the

        heart of Daniel! This was the knowledge that allowed Paul to

         continue, even when he suffered greatly, (2 Cor. 12:7-11).

    2. God Has A Secret Place For Us

       A. The word “tabernacle” brings to mind the place of worship. The

            “secret” refers to the “holy of holies”.

             1. That place which was off limits to all but the High Priest, a

                  place that other men entered under the penalty of death.

             2. Yet, it is that secret place, to which God takes His precious


            3. A place where the very presence of God dwelt and the glory

                of God could be seen. It was there that God took David

                during the battles of his life.

      B. The word “hide” means “to conceal”.

          1. It is amazing that there is a place of solitude in a world filled

              with people.

         2. There is a place that you and I can flee to during the crushing

             battles that rage about us.

        3. A place that affords us quiet, peace and the profound

             presence of God.

        4. A place reserved for those who love the Lord their God.

        5. Have you ever been to that place? That place where God

             meets with you and you alone. That place where all else falls

             away and you are left with Him and Him alone? That is the

             place He invites those who abide to enter!

        6. Stephen was in that place at the moment of his death,

            (Acts 7:55-56)!

    3. God Has A Secure Place For Us

        A. David has the assurance that even when life threatens to

             overflow him, the Lord will set him on a rock, a place that is

             unchangeable, powerful and immovable.

        B. This Rock is none other than the Lord Himself, ( I Cor. 10:4).

        C. The rock referred to in these verses is a “great craggy rock”. It

             is a rock that juts far above the battles going on at its feet.

        D. This is the gift to all those who know Him! We are promised

             that we have a place of refuge that will lift us far above the

             stormy seas that would drown us.

        E. Like the eagle, who takes refuge above the storm until it has

             passed; those who abide in Him are given grace that bears

             them higher than the storms and keeps them safe until danger

             has passed, (Isa. 40:31).

    4. God Has A Special Place For Us

        A. David says that he will worship the Lord; he will praise the


           1. Because of the things the Lord has done for him.

           2. Because the Lord has lifted him above the battles;

          3. Because the Lord has hidden him away in the secret place;

          4. Because the Lord sheltered him away from the terrors of the


     B. What a lesson to us!



I would like to conclude this sermon this morning by reading verses 13 and 14 of this Psalm





Our Lord Will Surely Do What He Promised