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America Needs Godly Mothers


2 KINGS 4:8-23

I  believe that what America needs today, more that anything is Great Mothers. I am totally convinced that the hand which rocks the cradle, is the hand that rocks the United States of America. America needs good, Godly, Christian Mothers.

So what makes a mother a great mother in the eyes of God? Well first she needs to be saved, born again, so that she can be a great woman in the eyes of God. We see that term, Great Woman right here in these verses.

The Bible speaks of two important roles of a wife. 1. To bear and rear children And the mother is to have the same right of obedience and respect as the Dad. 2. To love support, give companionship to the husband.

Motherly virtues spoken of in the Bible are these, compassion, comfort, and sorrow for her children. The greatest honor ever bestowed on human kind was bestowed on motherhood. God chose to bring his son into this world through a woman. Jesus showed us that the children are to provide for their mothers. (JH. 19:25-27)

In these verses we see a woman who the bible calls "great," meaning in wealth and statute. But they also explain how she became great in the eyes of God.


1 Great women are women of compassion. Mothers just seem to have extra

   love. A mother's love is more moving than any other kind of love.

   A. But for any one to be great in the eyes of God they must have

        compassion for the proophet of God

    B. Why? Because they are your and your childrens under shepherds,

         teachers, and spiritual watchman. (JER. 3:15)

         1. So mom for your childrens sake have compassion on the man of God.

2. Great women also have spiritual perception." (v9)

     A. How did she get spiritual perception? She prayed, studied, and


          1. Ladies if you want to be a great mother and have compassion for the

              "real prophet of God, then you must have spiritual perception.

         2. So for your childrens sake spent time on your knees, in church, and 

             in the Bible.

4. Great women obey the Word of God (IPt.3:1-8)


1. Elisha wanted to do something to repay this woman. (verse 13)

   A. Elisha offered to talk to influential people for her.

   B. But she turned down the prophets offer. She was content with what she


2. All women, mothers of today would do well to hear (1TIM. 6:6-10)

3. Too many today are selling their children for things of the world.

    A. Mom the children must be the most important, not a career or riches

    B. Notice (Titus2:3-5)

4. God would honor her contentment

    A. Promised her a child within a year. God gave her the desire of her heart.

         1. And so he will give you the desires of your heart, if you will be content

             and faithful. (PSA. 37:4)



1. The child became ill and died! Why? There must be a reason! (Jh.9:1-3)

    A. Did her faith need further testing or strengthening?

         1. Will your faith be tested? Who do your put your faith in?

         2. When your child gets sick will your be ready?

         3. Do you know how to pray? I think I would rather learn how to be

             faithful, and how to pray now instead of in a crises.

2. The woman's faith in the time of crises.

   A. She knew that God would care for the child.

   B. Even death could not destroy her faith.

3. She sends for the man of God and trusts in the Lord.

   A. Allow me to show you another woman who had confidence in the power

        of the Lord (EXD. 2:1-3)

   B. The man on God came upon her request and the child lived by the power

        of God.

4. Oh hear me moms be strong in the Lord, have faith in God and he will bless

    you and your children.

5. I believe the most powerful prayers ever prayed come from mothers for

    their children.


That great preacher Moody used to tell this story. A beautiful young lady left home against her father and mothers wishes. She went to live in the big city where, she found her self without money and a place to stay. She fell into awful sin and found herself working in a barroom as a waitress and at times to get extra money, playing the role of a prostitute. One morning she awoke in a strange bed after a night with a stranger and she decided that she would commit suicide. But she had an unquenchable desire to go home so she then decided that she would pay one last visit to her home where she grew up.

She went late one night so that she would not be seen. When she came to the house she noticed that the front door was open. In fear she crept in and awoke her mother. Hear her mothers words," Maggie, it has been a long time since you left, but my prayer has always been, "Lord, send her home." And I said, whether she come by night or day, I want her to see an open door and know she is welcome.

That night the young lady feel into the forgiving and loving arms of her mother. And so through the open door of her mother's home she found her way back to the open door of Christ. yes the door is open now to one and all.

There is a gate that stands ajar,

And through its portals gleaming,

A radiance from the Cross afar,

The Saviors love revealing.

Oh depth of mercy! can it be

That gate was left ajar for me?

for me .........for me?

God Bless All Our Mothers