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Is There Really A Place Called Hell??


LUKE 16:19-31

Noah preached judgment. The world didn't believe it but the flood came anyway. Lot preached judgment; they didn't believe it but God rained hell out of heaven and destroyed Sodom anyway. Whether men believe it or not, the Lord Jesus talked about a place of torment for the unsaved. Matter of fact Jesus taught twice as much about hell as He did heaven. Why? Because He does not want anyone to go to that place called hell. Are you going there? It is your choice.

Is there really a place called hell? Is it really hot, is it really forever, and do people really suffer there for all eternity? I pray that this sermon will help you to answer those questions.


    1. He was Religious - Vs. 24-28

        A. In he prayed for mercy (Verse 24)

        B. In he prayed for water (Verse 24)

        C. In he prayed for his brothers (Vs. 28)

        D. A man who knew the scriptures and the prophets

             but he still went to hell.

              1. Salvation is not about religion, it is about a

                   relationship! A personal relationship with Jesus


    2. He was Rich (verse 19) (Mt.19:23-26)

       A. Clothed in purple - imported garments from Egypt.

       B. Clothed in fine linen - imported garments from Syria.

       C. But, underneath his fine clothes was a heart as

            black as hell itself. A man headed for hell! A man in

            need of salvation

    3. He was Ruined (Verse. 23)

       A. That night someone else took over his wealth and

            the rich man became a beggar in hell.

II. HIS DEATH - VS. 22  (Heb.9:27)

    1. His death was sudden (James 4:14)

        A. No hint of sickness (Man's life is like a vapor, like a

             flower here today gone tomorrow).

    2. His death brought seperation

        A. From his home,  hope, and  heaven.

    3. His death was sobering 

        A. It took hell to make him a believer.

        B. He had to die to wake up! Now he knows there is a

            God, now he knows there is a heaven and a hell.

             Now he knows, now it is too late.

         B. Do you know? Will you have to die to wake up??

    4. His death was sealing.

        A. Not one time did this man ask to be let out of hell,

            why? Because he knew he was sealed. No chance

            of ever getting out of hell. And he knew it, that my 

            friend is the hell of hell, no hope.



    1. His destiny brought him to a place of burning - Vs. 24

    2. His destiny brought him to a place of burdens - Vs. 28

    3. His destiny brought him to a place of banishment

        A. Banished from love

        B. Banished from light

        C. Banished from liberty


Some years ago my family visited a cave in the state of Kentucky. The guide led us through many beautiful and winding subterranean passageways. Suddenly he turned off all the lights and said, "I'm the only one who knows how to get back to the entrance. If I left you here, you'd probably never find your way out. Anyone lost in this cave would no doubt become insane within a week from the oppressive loneliness. Be quiet for a moment and feel the darkness!" I remember my youngster clutching my arm. After about 30 seconds, someone in the party could endure it no longer and cried out, "Turn on the lights! I'm going crazy now!" The guide laughed, but we'll not soon forget that frightening experience. I thought of the "outer darkness" of Hell and shuddered!

The Father of Heaven still invites men to the wedding feast of salvation. Through the Savior's atonement He has provided the perfect garment of righteousness that every sinner needs. You can avoid the horror of blackness that each doomed soul will experience in Hell. Without delay, receive Him who is the Eternal Light!

And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.
And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.