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The Healing Of A Soldier
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Jesus wants to save all 

The Healing Of A Soldier
Text: II Kings 5: 14

    We find in (II Kings 5: 1-19) a man who seems to have everything going for him. At the beginning of this chapter we are introduced to a man named Naaman. The Bible describes him as a man of position, power, and popularity in his native land of Syria. He had won many victories over the enemies of his nation, due to his skilled leadership. Naaman’s military leadership had earned him the respect of Syria’s king, as well as its people.
    In spite of all Naaman’s good qualities, all was not well. Like a dead fly lying on top of a freshly baked lemon meringue pie, there was one problem that marred everything else in Naaman’s life he was a leper. Naaman’s position, prestige and power could not change the stark reality of this disease. And if it continued unchecked, it would eventually result in a horrible end.
    In the Bible, leprosy is often used as a type of the destructive nature of sin. With this thought in mind, I would like for us to take a look at Naaman’s life and see a type, or picture if you will, of the lost sinner, who is under the ravaging effects of sin. If he continues on unchanged, he faces certain spiritual death. But if he accepts God’s cure, joy and eternal life will be his.
     The story of Naaman is a beautiful picture of what God does for sinners who will trust His remedy for their spiritual condition. Naaman’s story involves three progressive stages. I want us to take a look at those all-important stages today.
In Naaman’s conversion we see:

    1. He Had A Horrible Disease. (II Kings 5: 1)

        A. Notice that in spite of Naaman’s prestige, position, power he was still a


           1. In the same way, sin afflicts everyone, regardless of who they are, what

               they’ve accomplished, or where they live.

            2. The Bible is perfectly clear it what it says in (Rom.3: 23).

      B. Notice though Naaman was held in high esteem though he was an

          honorable man, he was still a leper.

          1. In the same way, a person’s admirable qualities do not change what they

               ultimately are in the eyes of God a sinner.

           2. Just like the leper of old, We are all as an unclean thing (Isa.64: 6a).

    2. He Heard Of Help From A Damsel. (II Kings 5: 2-4)

        A. A significant spiritual truth illustrated in these three verses.

           1. Before one can be saved they must hear the good news of the Gospel;

               they must hear (Rom.10: 17).

       B. A messenger of God planted at the right place at the right time.

           1. A little girl, a prisoner, a slave.

           2. (Rom.10: 13-15).

           3. Only survivor of her family

       C. An undeserving man

         1. Naaman an enemy of God and His people.(Eph.2: 12-13) (Jas. 4:3)


    1. Notice Naaman’s Presumption.

       A. Naaman thought healing could be purchased.(II Kings 5: 5,15,16)

            1. A biblical illustration of the fact that salvation is by grace through faith.

           2. Though salvation is free, it was not cheap. God gave the best that

                heaven had to offer the blood of His Only begotten son. “Nothing but the

                blood.” (Eph.2: 8-9)

            3. A good short definition of grace (Grace is everything for nothing to those

               who don’t deserve anything)

B. Naaman thought healing would involve grandiose procedures.(II Kings 5: 11-13)

      1. You see folks; Naaman thought his healing would be accomplished by

           going through some elaborate ritual, or by using some sort of religious


       2. The Word of God is clear when in (Titus 3: 5)

       3. In verse 12, Naaman seems to imply that if washing was all that was

            needed; then any ole river would do. As Many people of our day seem to

            feel the same way; but they’re wrong.(Acts 4: 12)

    2. Notice the argument of Naaman’s servants in verse 13.

        A. They knew their master was a man of action. If Elisha had required that

            he perform some heroic deed, Naaman would no doubt jumped at the


        B. Salvation is not about what we can do, but about what Christ has done.

    3. Notice Elisha’s Prescription.(II Kings 5: 9-10)


    1. Naaman Was Cured.   (II Kings 5: 14)

    2. Naaman Was Converted. (II Kings 5:15)

Praise God For Such a Loving God. In Jesus Name