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Jesus The Sos Of, God The Son


John 20:24-28

A Biblical understanding of the person of the Savior is to know that He is not only the Son of God but also God the Son! I want to talk to you about the deity of Christ, the fact that He is GOD manifest in the flesh. He is, always was, and always shall be GOD. Before the world was created, He IS God. After this present world melts with a fervent heat, He IS God.

This doctrine separates true Christians from the all the false religions. They deny that He is God. They worship a different savior.

I want to point out three basic facts about the doctirne of Christ's deity.


There are three big objections to the doctrine:

1. The design of His appearance
   A. How could GOD be BORN?
      1. Answer: Only His physical BODY was born; Jesus had no beginning.

2. The distinction of His Sonship
   A. How can God also be the SON of God?
     1. Answer: God is GOD. He can be anything He pleases. (John 14:9)
3. The death on the cross
   A. How can God die?
      1. Answer: Only His BODY died. Jesus did not cease to be, nor did He cease to be the living GOD when He died. (1 Tim.3:16)


1. The word of God testifies that Jesus is God
   A. GOD laid down His life for us -(Jn. 3:16).
   B. The Word was GOD - (Jn. 1:1).
   C. GOD is with us as Jesus - (Matt. 1:23).
   D. GOD bought the church with HIS own blood - (Acts 20:28).
   E. GOD was manifest in the flesh - (1 Tim. 3:16).

2. The witnesses who knew Him testified that Jesus is God
   A. God the Father said to Jesus, "O GOD" - (Heb. 1:8).
   B. Thomas said to Jesus, "My Lord and my GOD" - (Jn. 20:28).
   C. Stephen called upon GOD and said, "Lord Jesus" - (Acts 7:59).
   D. Jews wanted to kill Jesus made Himself equal to God - (Jn. 5:18).
3. The wonders He performed testified that Jesus is God
   A. He created all things - (Jn. 1:1-3).
   B. He forgave sins - (Lk. 5:21).
   C. He rose from the dead - (Jn. 2:19).

4. The works He performs today testify that Jesus is God

   A. He inspires books, songs, articles, newspapers, magazines, and websites
   B. He changes lives completely.
   C. He causes many people to devote their entire lives to proclaiming His person and His message.


1. He can SAVE you
   A. Only God can do that.
   B. Man's religion is insecure.
   C. Jesus saves entirely, eternally!

2. He can STRENGTHEN you (Phil. 4:13)
   A. To continue serving Him
   B. To be faithful
   C. To do His work

3. He can SUPPLY your needs (Phil. 4:19)
   A. Food
   B. Clothes

4. He can SETTLE you (1 Pet. 5:10)
   A. GOD gives peace of mind.
   B. He can settle you in your home.
   C. He can settle you in your church.
   D. He can settle you in a ministry.


Jesus Lord Of Lords And King Of Kings