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God Uses Broken Things


LUKE 5:1-11

What a beautiful passage of scripture! The scene here is beautiful, the rolling hills by the sea of Galilee. Here Jesus stands on a narrow stretch of beach, about 7 miles wide and 12 miles long. Its early in the morning and the fishermen have not been from their fishing for too long. But we realize that they have been in long enough to have begun cleaning and mending their nets. They had came back emptied handed, and discouraged after a long hard night of fishing.They are broken hearted, they have given up!

Now they are ready to be used by the master.They've tried it their way, now its time to try it the Masters way. God uses broken things And in many cases we have to be broken before we are of any use to our Master, our savior, our Lord, Jesus Christ. In fact in many cases we will not even recognize His lordship until we have been broken. God uses broken things.


    1. The nature of the Miracle

        A. They had fished all night and now had given up.

        B. But mans extremity is Gods oppourinity.

             1. When we have reached the end of our rope, then we are ready 

                  for the touch of the masters hand.

        C. Now they are ready to let Jesus in the boat. Are you?

    2. The requirements of the miracle

        A. Action

             1. They had to cast out into the deep, follow Jesus's orders.

             2. Do we want to see a miracle here at this church? Then we

                 need to follow the orders of Jesus Christ.

         B. Faith.

             1. Did you hear what Peter said? Master, we have toiled all the night,

                and have taken nothing: nevertheless "at thy word" I will let

                down the  net.

          2. Now thats faith. The type of faith that we must have to be used of the


         3. The message of the miracle.

            A. Theres the Lordship of Jesus.

                 1. He is the Lord of all1 (Phlip 2;10-11)

                 2. He is Lord over our physical needs (Phlip. 4:13)

                 3. He is Lord over nature. (Mrk. 4:35-40)

                 4. He is the Lord of our blessings. (Mal.3:10)


    1. Notice Peters reaction. Now why did he react like that?

        A. Realized that he was in the presence God.

             1. If we come into the very presence of an Holy God. (Isa. 6:1-6)

       B. Realized his lack of faith. Understood that he was a man of unbelief.

       C. Realized his need of repentance. Do we? Do we even know what

           repentance is?

        1. Some times God must allow us to be broken so that we will realize

            these things.

       2. Are you ready to be broken?

       3. Dont be discouraged when it comes, but rejoice in it, for God is going

           to use you.


    1. Notice that James and John were partners with Simon Peter.

        A. There was indeed some great possibilities there!

             1. Simon Peter and associates, the greatest fishing market in


    2. This partnership between them centered in the world and their needs.

       A. Their hope and future was grounded in themselves and what their

             world could provide! Thats not Gods way.

      B. What are your hopes grounded in? The Almighty dollar? A preacher?

       C. Hear King David in  (Psa. 71:5-6)

   3. One statement form Jesus changed thier outlook on life.Fear not; from

        henceforth thou shalt catch men.

       A. Now their hope and future is really grounded in the right place, in


    4. Notice their forsaking

         A. Notice carefully the word all

        B. Is it the same requirement today for you and I?

       C. Forsaking all brings great rewards. (Mt. 19:27-30)



The people who consistently manifest the greatest joy in life are those who will simply not be discouraged by their circumstances. As author Zig Zigler says, "If life hands you a lemon, take the lemon and make lemonade." Let me close with several examples: Charles Goodyear's lemon was a prison sentence, resulting from a contempt of court citation. While in prison, Goodyear didn't complain. Instead, he became an assistant in the kitchen. While there, he continued to work on an idea. In the process he discovered a method for vulcanizing rubber. His lemon, a prison sentence, became our lemonade. We have better tires, which means better travel and a better way of life.

Jesus Loves You