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Below You Will Find A List Of All The Great Men Who Have Joined Together In Men Walking With God


Pastor David, CEO/ Administrator / Founder  of Men Walking With God and Co/Pastor of Jesus My Lord And Savior Church has been in the ordained ministry for over 30 years. During this time he has pastored, founded, and  evangelized churches in several states.  He has also been preaching and conducting spirit filled revivals throughout the United States.  His dedication to his faith and to the church is a strength that we all benefit from.

Pastor David Is A Member - Of The Ordained Clergy - With:

The Southern Baptist Convention
The National Association of Congregational Christian Churches (Oak Creek, WI)
The Fellowship of Connecticut Congregational Christian Churches (Hartford, CT)
JESUS - My Lord and Savior - Church (Winsted, CT)

Pastor David Presently Serves In The Following Ministry Capacities:

Co-Pastor, JESUS - My Lord and Savior - Church (Winsted, CT)
Team TV Ministry Program Provider with Lin McGee for: 'A Message From God' (Cable 13, Winsted, CT and surrounding towns; Cable 5, Torrington, CT and surrounding towns)
TV Ministry Program Provider for: 'Women's Faith Time' (Cable 13, Winsted, CT and surrounding towns; Cable 5, Torrington, CT and surrounding towns)
Board of Directors, The Church in The Wildwood (Colebrook, CT)
Board of Directors, Asian Faith Mission of India (Kerala, India)
Board of Directors, Agape Children's Home (Kerala, India)

Pastor David has studied in and is a graduate of the following.

Walker High School of Walker, Louisiana, Liberty Mountain Bible Institute, Southern Baptist Center, Trinity College of the Bible, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Pastor David has a Masters degree in theology which he earned at Andersonville Baptist Seminary.

Pastor David trained to be a principle of a Christian School, attending classes and seminars at First Baptist Church in Jacksonville Florida.

Cecil O. Kemp Jr.

Cecil O. Kemp Jr. is a longtime resident of Franklin, TN (Greater Nashville).  Childhood sweethearts, he and his wife Patty grew up on small farms in centralMississippi.  Married in 1970, they are parents of two adult children who have given them four grans!

The Kemps have been Christians and church leaders for over 30 years.  They served nearly twenty-five years in Christ Church Nashville, pastored by L.H. and Montelle Hardwick.   In 2003, the Kemps were called by the Lord to serve with Ralph and Diane Duncan in their endeavors of raising up Graceland Community Church...a full gospel effort located on 58 prime acres at the corner of I-65/840 in Williamson County.

Cecil and Patty have a full-time private ministry as well.  Those endeavors were begun in response to the 1998 call of God.  They sold their nationally prominent financial and investment services group of companies.  Co-founded in 1982, it managed over $100,000,000 in assets for thousands of individuals and businesses across America.

Prior to 1982, Cecil served as Chief Financial and then Chief Operating Officer of a publicly held health care company.  He passed the CPA exam in 1971, after graduating from Mississippi State that year with a degree in Accounting.  He then worked for three years in Memphis with Deloitte Touché, one of the world’s five largest accounting firms.

In response to the Lord's call out of the business world into full-time ministry, in 1998 the Kemps founded an umbrella company that manages and oversees all their Christian activities including a publishing company, an internet store, and a life, financial, and business coaching practice.

Kingdom Living Now is their message.  Step-by-step the Kemps teach their audiences how to live fully and fully live by following God's economy.  Applied their teaching leads to what they call "The Prosperity of Purity"...a life of holiness marked by genuine abundance and success that matters and lasts.

Patty and Cecil speak, teach, and minister together as well as separately, in women or men only forums.  They share how to grow to spiritual maturity.  The Kemps challenge and inspire their audiences to journey out of self into the intimacy of oneness with Jesus.  They instruct on the importance and methodology of consciously choosing to be shaped and led by His indwelling Spirit.  They distinguish God's economy vs. the world's and the superiority of personal transformation through interactive partnership with God vs. personal reformation and self-help.  They underscore the priority of daily practicing the spiritual disciplines of prayer and mentorship by the Holy Spirit in the Word.

Their published works include the award winning Wisdom Honor & Hope (The Inner Path to True Greatness) and 7 Laws of Highest Prosperity (Making Your Life Count For What Really Counts)...a parable that is now in its fourth printing with over 130,000 copies in print.  The success of those two books led to recent release of two teaching companions, The Secret Meeting Place and Wisdom and Money (Applying the 7 Laws of Highest Prosperity to Make the Most of Your Money).

Many churches and businesses have developed their own self-administered courses based on the Kemps' books.Their books are available in secular and Christian stores and on the internet, including their own web site: Demand for more teaching led the Kemps to develop a 12-hour curriculum that they personally present in Wisdom and Money Conferences hosted by churches and businesses across America.  The Kemps are currently seeking financially capable people who share their vision for a TV/Radio show targeted at the business and career audiences. As hosts of these five day a week broadcasts, the Kemps would share with a worldwide audience how to achieve success that matters and lasts.  The show would be co-owned by them and financial partners who participate in the net profit stream anticipated from revenue of commercial advertiser contracts.

For more information: Call 1-615-790-2968 or toll free: 1-800-728-1145.  E-mail:

Cecil's Books
7 Laws of Highest Prosperity (Making Your Life Count for What Really Counts!), $12.95.
A challenging and inspiring parable.  Best-selling book of Award-Winning author, Cecil O. Kemp Jr.

Wisdom and Money (Applying the 7 Laws of Highest Prosperity to Make the Most of Your Money), $17.95.
A powerful teaching book/workbook combo, written in everyday language.
Companion to Cecil O. Kemp Jr.'s Best Selling Book, 7 Laws of Highest Prosperity.

Wisdom Honor & Hope (The Inner Path to True Greatness).  Voted Best Book in America in its Category, $12.95.
This is a step-by-step how to book...Award-Winning author Cecil O. Kemp Jr. shares how to achieve success that matters and lasts!

The Secret Meeting Place, $12.95.
Life-changing parable about prayer from Award-Winning author Cecil O. Kemp Jr. Discover the secret to an extraordinary life!

The Hope Collection (A Gift Book Series from Award-Winning authors Patty and Cecil O. Kemp Jr.)
The Six Book Titles:
A Book of Hope for the Storms of Life, $12.95
A Book of Hope for Mothers, $12.95
A Book of Hope for Students, $12.95
A Book of Hope after Retirement, $12.95
A Book of Hope we're Forgiven, $12.95
A Book of Hope on Prayer, $12.95
Four color, table top quality gift books full of inspiring images and texts presented in a daily devotional format.

Cecil and Patty's CDs and Tapes

Wisdom and Money Teaching Series, 9 CDs or Tapes, $79.  With two companion books, $99.
Series of Powerful teaching from Award-Winning authors Patty and Cecil O. Kemp Jr. Based on their best selling book,
7 Laws of Highest Prosperity and its companion, Wisdom and Money.

The Tree of Life, $9.95.
An inspiring, instructive, and powerful step-by-step teaching on how to have the truly abundant life on this side of heaven.

Men United Together And Serving Jesus To Build His Kindom